3-Part Video Series

  • 1

    Overcome the Victim Mentality

    • Feeling Stuck

    • Overcoming Victim Mentality Guide

    • Overcoming Victim Mentality Worksheet

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  • 2

    Controlling Yourself

    • Controlling Yourself

    • 12 Coping Strategies

    • Spheres of Influence

    • Challenging Emotions

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  • 3

    Identifying Toxic Relationships

    • Toxic Relationships

    • Toxic Relationships: Key Signs

    • Toxic vs. Healthy Relationships Infographic

    • Toxic People Characteristics

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Coach and Trainer

Dr. Robin Lavitch

Dr. Robin Lavitch is nicknamed the “The People Whisperer” is the Owner of Surpass Your Goals a coaching and training firm. Robin has her doctorate in Human Behavior, a master’s degree in Psychology, and is credentialed as an Advanced Certified Professional and Executive Coach. Robin helps people get out of their own way to reach higher levels of productivity and prosperity. Her philosophy integrates positive psychology and neuroscience to shift your mindset to enhance your performance, change your behavioral patterns, and harness your power to live with happiness and prosperity.