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A diamond is the hardest substance on earth?

The diamond is the strongest precious stone with exceptional power.  The diamond is noted for being both unbreakable and transparent, symbolizing the penetrating light of insight to ‘cut through’ 

delusion and find a durable truth.  


This is what the Brilliance Vault represents.


Diamonds are known for their ability to bring victory, strength, courage, and fortitude.   The brilliance and energy of the diamond crystal protect its wearer’s subtle energy field from negative influence and enhance our inner vision stimulating creativity, ingenuity, and even new possibilities.  


The diamond is considered a manifesting stone that increases the power of intention, helping your manifest abundance and achieve your goals.  


The Brilliance Vault embodies all of these qualities. 


Diamonds help you cleanse your energy so you can shine and sparkle.  Ultimately, diamonds are noted to help you achieve your dreams and your destiny.


The most popular cut of a diamond is called a brilliant cut.  A cut where numerous facets are placed so the most rays of light will reflect through them.


Hence, the Brilliance Vault.  Your precious power to release negativity and embrace new possibilities by being unbreakable and transparent! 



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